Submission Instructions

Submission of data to toxoMine uses tab-delimited spreadsheets. Templates in Microsoft Excel (XLSX) and Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) are provided. Each submission consists of four worksheets.

  1. Project Experiment Submission File (PESF)
  2. Experimental Parameters File (EPF)
  3. Protocol File (PF)
  4. Applied Protocol File (APF)

Please see the detailed submission instructions that are included with the templates for the description of each metadata file. The four worksheets must be exported to individual tab-delimited files when completed. These tab-delimited files and the data files should be compressed (ZIP, bzip2, and tar.gz accepted) for upload.

Download instruction document: Submission_Instruction.doc

Download templates: submission_template.xlsx, submission_template.ods

When finished, please contact Dr. Kim ( at for file transfer.


Included below is a sample submission of a ChIP-chip experiment to identify genome-wide binding sites for GCN5b. **NOTE: In this example, the data files are empty to save space but may be downloaded from toxoMine at the following link: data files

Download example: GCN5B_ChIP-chip_example.tar.gz